Professional Heaven

How many times have we heard (or said), “If you think training is expensive, think of the cost of not training”? The channels to deliver information grow exponentially. The technology to use them changes rapidly. The public adoption of both happens faster than we could have ever imagined.

How can a techie keep up?

About a year ago, I blocked off 3 hours every Friday morning in my calendar. That recurring appointment says “Set Aside for Training / Research”. Really? Ask me the last time I spent a Friday morning on Probably like you, I learn it when I need it. I find it when I need it. And, for me, most of the time I find it @NAGW.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been professionally immersed in web design, and most recently social and digital media. I’m completely self taught. (My BA is in French.) Eleven years ago, someone sent me an email about a conference…. Whoa! Every item on the agenda was something I needed to know. I attended that conference and found myself in professional heaven.

Consider this your email. NAGW (National Assocation of Government Web Professionals) primarily supports local and state government web professionals, but anyone who is involved in government communication can attend the NAGW National Conference.

The public I serve can’t afford for me not to be trained. In emergencies like Hurricane Sandy, their properties and lives depended on it. #NAGW2013 is doing a full day of training on Emergency Online Communications along with sessions on security, responsive design, mobile, open source, photoshop, GIT, Joomla, and so much more.

See? Professional heaven. Hope to see you there.

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