Project Green Government – Financial and Environmental Sense

Governments around the world continue to realize the win-win benefits that come from lean and green technologies and practices. Frankly, I think we’re all catching on a little slowly, but things are starting to look promising.

In this story from the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, they started out with a set of pilot projects to prove the viability of ‘going green’ with some significant results.

In 2011 these handful of pilot projects saved Israel the equivalent of $3 million USD. (NIS 12.3 M).

The proof is in the pudding, and now the Ministry is proposing a broader implementation of Project Green Government.

Minister Erdan: “This is further evidence that green consumption is good for the wallet and for the environment. Public money should not go to waste due to outdated and polluting management decisions. The government must continue to lead the green revolution and to serve as an example to the business sector and to the general public.”

I applaud the Ministry and very much hope the recommended expansion is accepted.

Green Project Management

There is a huge opportunity around the world and right here in the United States for agencies at all levels to initiate projects that will pay for themselves quickly by the cost savings involved, and at the same time better conserving our natural resources.

It’s not just about re-working current infrastructure either.

We are producing new products all the time with our teams as project managers. In this day and age, you need to be well versed in what “green” means because the decisions you make can have a significant impact on the foot print of the products your teams produce – both from a financial ROI perspective and environmental one.

There have been organizations and resources popping up all over the place in support of this huge opportunity for all stakeholders involved. It also means more career opportunities for project managers who will lead these initiatives.

It’s Coming, If Not Already Here

I’ve been a judge for several years evaluating scholarship candidates for the PMI Educational Foundation. This year in particular I was pleasantly impressed (and educated) by the multitude of student papers focused on sustainability, reuse, and related environmentally-friendly approaches in project management.

If you work in IT you’d better start learning about server virtualization. If you work with construction at all you’d better learn about sustainable construction and reuse/repurposing.

Or you may be left behind.


Here are some resources I encourage you to check out.

Earth PM: When I first met Rich I already knew he was a leader in green project management. He has been an advocate and practitioner of Green PM for a long time and the resources and articles on this website are well worth your time. Rich also co-authored the book Green Project Management which you and your agency should purchase immediately.

Green Project Management TenStep: I first met Tom many years ago and didn’t expect his company would get into Green Project Management – but there they are. Well established project management training and consulting companies are offering training on green project management.

GPM: A consortium who’s mission is to evolve the discipline of project management with training and certification.

Questions For You

What is your agency doing with respect to green project management?

Have you looked into this line of training and certification? – If so tell us about it.

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