Project Management in Government

Skilled project managers with Project Management Professional(PMP®) certification are in demand in virtually every industry, and are increasingly sought-after by government agencies. While many aspects of government project management are similar to those found in the private sector, there are some specific challenges that project managers in government positions will face.

PMP® Challenges and Opportunities in Government Project Management

In the past, many government agencies have been behind the curve when it comes to implementing project management best practices. While they are rapidly working to rectify this situation and making great strides, there is still very little standardization from one agency to another. That is why many agencies prefer to hire candidates with PMP® certification, as it represents an industry-standard level of knowledge and expertise.

Given the lack of consistent project management implementation in government, project managers in this sector often find that senior management and other personnel have a limited understanding of the processes involved. This means that before proper project management systems can be put in place within a government agency, the PMP® must educate everyone who will be involved in the project and encourage them to adopt compatible values and behaviors.

In addition, the overall structure of government agencies does not necessarily mirror that of a typical business. Because of this, a PMP® may encounter a variety of obstacles – such as difficulty in coordinating the efforts of workers in different areas, a lack of accountability throughout the command structure and an inefficient management system.

With all of these issues, and the myriad complications that often result from them, project management in government can be an extremely challenging undertaking. However, individuals with PMP® certification have the knowledge and skills to tackle these difficulties head-on. With many opportunities for creating real and substantive changes for the better, a talented PMP® can help government agencies achieve unprecedented success.

Value of PMP® Certification

Whether you currently work in government project management or are interested in transitioning into this sector, the value of earning PMP® certification cannot be overstated. The specific challenges you are likely to face will be much more manageable if you’ve mastered the proven techniques, essential strategies and best practices included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guidepublished by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). You will also position yourself as a much more attractive candidate, because PMP® certification demonstrates both expertise in and commitment to the field of project management.

In addition, the Department of Defense (DoD) now accepts PMP® certification in place of the Project Management Tools (PMT 250) course offered through the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). Servicemembers and civilians with PMP® certification will have an advantage in obtaining DoD project management positions.

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