Questions to Ask in Your Contracts Interview

Talking with people from across the industry, people have told me a number of questions they wished they had asked during their interview. Take these in the next time to go in for an interview at a contracts shop.
– Do you have a contract file room? Can I see it? (Look to see if it’s in disarray or if it’s organized).
– Do you have contractor support? How many? (Tells you about the ratio of government-contractor personnel).

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Mindy Giberstone

Vendor interaction/outreach: would be good to have checked the agency website beforehand- electronic bidding, posting Bid results, how to do business, etc. Can give you talking points or ideas for questions.

Sterling Whitehead

Perhaps “How long on average does it take to get an RFP posted to FBO?” That could tell you if the internal processes and politics are working.