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Ramp Up Your Job Search Research

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist.

Feeling stuck? Job search slowing? Not finding jobs that are really right for you?

Go to the library! Runyon’s Corollary: Spending a few hours on the Internet often saves a few minutes in the library.

Everything is NOT on the web. But your public library has a lot of resources.

Take a look at various business periodicals for leads. Read trade publications.

See where your targets – for networking and for jobs – meet, and what groups they belong to.

Look at the business reference section’s materials for appropriate topics. Review various business guides and SEC information. Check out their online resources. Often these are ones you need to pay to access otherwise. Ask the reference librarian for sources or help.

Many local newspapers and business/trade publications will give you insight into who is growing, what is happening, and where opportunities lie. In Metro DC, check out the “Washington Post” and “Washington Business Journal” as well as more specialized publications.

OK, back to the internet.

Yes, a tremendous amount of information is available online. Many sources target the metro DC area, such as PotomacTechwire.com. Local groups like chambers of commerce have useful sites. There are specialized resources, such as TechAmerica for government contractors. Economic Development Agencies in each county/city often have great information on local companies. A little research can find many that meet your needs.

Check out groups on LinkedIn or other social media for those in your field. If you are on LinkedIn, become more active in groups relevant to your work. You will learn a lot. You may find jobs not listed elsewhere. And if you answer questions in your field, you become more visible to recruiters seeking smart folks. Same with Twitter.

Maybe you need to see some new ideas for your job search or learn more about tactics. Great resources for job-hunting info include:



Finally, maybe you should consider joining a Job Club.

These are a great way to learn more about job search, to meet others who are also looking and who may have leads for you, and to help others in their search too.

There are a wide variety of job clubs. Some are run by churches or community groups. Others are businesses. Some are run by the state employment service. All provide good support and feedback on your skills. They can be especially helpful to keep you going during a long search. The best way to find an existing job club is to ask at state unemployment services, at your religious community, or an HR person you know.

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