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Recognizing Local Governments for Social Networking

Hello all…

I’m wrapping up this week’s GovLoop Project of the Week, which will be posted on Wednesday. I’m focusing on the Public Technology Institute.

They have a webinar, tomorrow (May 5th) from 2 – 3pm, entitled Recognizing Local Governments for Social Networking.

Description from website:

Local governments are expanding their use of Web 2.0 and social networking technologies to reach out to citizens. The reason: to inform the public about issues impacting the community and the public’s quality of life, and to engage the public in government decisionmaking.

To spur on those local governments who are perhaps hesitant to enter this new realm, and to reward and showcase governments that are already using Web 2.0, PTI has created an awards and recognition program for local governments that use Web 2.0 to engage the public. This webinar will outline the specifics of this program.

As part of this initiative PTI will:

* Host a series of webinars that explore how local governments are using the various Web 2.0 tools, policy implications and effective practices;
* Create a Web 2.0 State & Local Government Awards & Recognition Program;
* Produce articles and other outreach (including use of social networking tools) to promote the concept of virtual town halls to the local government community, in particular elected officials, and the public;
* Develop a roadmap for other local governments to follow.

Since my project will be posted Wednesday, I thought I would post this early.



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