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Recruitment 411: A Tailor-made Website

Every so often, Recruitment 411 will feature a guest blogger. Today’s guest blogger is Shawn, who manages the IRS Careers website.

We designed the IRS Careers website so visitors can easily find information about IRS jobs. The site includes four focus areas: pre-college, current students & recent grads, and experienced professionals, as well as people looking for part time and seasonal positions. Additionally, our site features information for veterans and people with disabilities.

When creating our recruitment plans, we focus our outreach on each of these demographics. This approach is mirrored on our website.

The IRS Careers website includes a page geared to disability hiring, which was recently updated to include featured positions specific to disabled applicants.

Our military hiring page offers an overview of how an applicant’s military experience could qualify them to continue serving their nation at the IRS. To ensure these veterans have all the information they might need when considering a career at the IRS, we include links to valuable resources on other government websites.

Finally, the student and recent grads section is geared to an audience which has changed over the years. Students are trying to decide what kind of career they want to build, and this section provides important information for these potential applicants.

Today’s job seekers like to be constantly engaged, and our social media outlets fulfill this need. The IRS Careers website is the hub for all our social media outreach. We retooled our IRS Careers website to include direct links to our social media accounts, including our Facebook page and our Twitter accounts.

In the IRS Recruitment Office, we have marketing and branding specific to our recruitment outreach. To reinforce our brand, the IRS Careers website features our recruitment branding, and is completely separate from the primary IRS website, IRS.gov.

How does your organization use your website to target specific audiences?

Recruitment 411 is the official blog of the IRS Recruitment Office.

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Jeff Ribeira

Great work! I really like the branding of the career site- simple in function, straightforward and modern design, and easy to navigate. I’m sure this would be a huge undertaking, but has there been any talk of applying a similar design/modernization strategy to irs.gov?