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5 Govie Stories You Should Read- Now!

The Mondays are usually hard enough as is. As the first day after a weekend, we tend to have a giant list of to-dos and not enough time on a Monday to do them. We decided to help compile a few noteworthy posts to make your life easier. Today’s DorobekINSIDER program will be your need-to-knowRead… Read more »

Government Calling? Don’t Get Scammed

If you’ve used the Internet even once in your life, you’re probably familiar with scams. From the more obvious pop-up viruses to the well-disguised phishing emails, scams are an ever-present nuisance in our lives in the digital age. While you have likely encountered fraud attempts online before, what about over the phone? In the wakeRead… Read more »

Analytics Need to Provide Business Value

As a part of my ongoing conversation with senior executive leaders, Conversations on Big Data, I recently sat down with Dean Silverman, Senior Advisor to the Commissioner, Office of Compliance Analytics, at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These Big Data conversations tend to focus on best practices in using big data and analytics in creativeRead… Read more »