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Like Jekyll and Hyde – Do You Have A Secret Side?

Jekyll and Hyde are often cited as the textbook description of split personality disorder – the nice Dr. Jekyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. And while most people don’t have a secret evil side as disparate as the character’s penned by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, most people do have a hidden side. More often than not though… Read more »

New Zealand’s What We Did Right

In earlier blog posts, I mentioned, which is the New Zealand Government’s flagship website. The new website was launched in July 2014 but things didn’t actually stop there. That requires a little explanation: we launched a minimal viable product or MVP. If you Google that term, you’ll get either a definition that includes return-on-investment… Read more »

Google Warns: “Get Mobile-Friendly”

User experience is greatly affected by the devices people use: phones, game consoles, TVs, ‘phablets’, tablets, desktops, and now, wearables. Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, Google seeks to make the Web friendlier for mobile users, and it recently announced that: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking… Read more »

Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement for Federal Government

It’s always been true that public sector agencies need to engage with citizens and stakeholders to achieve mission goals. But never has that fact been truer than in today’s digital information economy. Maintaining a constant presence in people’s lives is simultaneously much easier through new digital communication channels, and more difficult because the digital landscape… Read more »

The Simplest Customer Engagement Technique You Can Use

We’ve written many times on GovLoop that more and more citizens and stakeholders are interacting with public sector organizations online. And recently, we’ve seen examples of very impressive websites, from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to New York City, that are effectively communicating more information with less clutter. But there is an important opportunity that… Read more »

Website Upgrades: 5 Essential Considerations

With the remarkable growth in social media, mobile devices and apps over the past five years, traditional websites may seem passé and maybe even a bit quaint and antiquated. But for most organizations they remain their primary digital presence, serve as the home base of their digital networks, and are at the core of their… Read more »

Want Good Content Strategy? Get Out of the Office

“High-quality web content that’s useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.” ― Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web Government agencies rely on websites and other online tools with the view of informing, educating and engaging citizens. But how do we know if we’re actually… Read more »