Recruitment 411: Big Risk = Big Reward

Earlier this week, I was reading one of the many online newsletters I peruse regularly. It felt a little like I was reading the same stories over and over. Every year at this time we are bombarded with articles about the year in review, lists of newsmakers and game changers along with reminders of notable events and activities from the past 12 months. I thought I would scream if I read one more story featuring reflections of 2011 or thoughts about what 2012 might bring.

My sanity was saved when I came across an article in the Ragan Communications newsletter titled what’s the smartest career move you’ve ever made?

It got me thinking; it wasn’t long ago – a little less than two years to be exact – that I made a complete career change. With little more than two months notice, I left my family, friends, and job in Nashville and moved to Washington, DC.

Some people thought I was crazy, and I knew it be a challenge at first. I was changing careers, and adjusting to a new pace of life. Nashville is not a small city, but it’s a whole different world compared to DC.

I knew this move was something I needed and more importantly, it was something I wanted. I knew what I was leaving was just a job. What was waiting for me here in Washington DC was a career. This career challenges me, allows me to be creative, and gives me the opportunity to grow.

Looking back at things two years later, I can honestly say I feel more at home in Washington then I ever did in Nashville.

Those are just a few of reasons I say the smartest career move I’ve made is becoming a Federal govie.

What’s the smartest career move you’ve made recently?

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