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Recruitment 411: Interesting Insights from Interns – Part 1

Every year the IRS manages to land some interns who rock. Some are only with us for a few months and then move on. Others start out as interns and join us full-time after graduation. No matter how long they’re here, they always seem to have interesting and sometimes amusing observations of what it’s like to be a govie.

I e-mailed some questions to a few of our young colleagues, and thought you might enjoy their insights. One of my favorite questions that came up during our chat was: When you think about your IRS office and co-workers, what television show comes to mind?

Chris Layton – Stockton College, New Jersey

Working for the IRS reminds me of the cable show “Suits,” and it isn’t because everyone is wearing suits. I was actually surprised to find out that the IRS was a rather casual place to work. I expected everyone to walk into the building wearing long black coats which covered up their businesses suits and pressed shirts. If you aren’t familiar with “Suits,” the main character is a student who gets a unique opportunity to intern with a powerful company. Initially, he didn’t know what to expect, but as time passed he found out he really connected with the organization. I really enjoy working at the IRS and it isn’t what I was expecting.

Stephanie Lee – Nichols College, Massachusetts

I’m going to choose “Home Improvement.” On the show, Tim goes to his neighbor Wilson to solve his problems. I’m sure everyone here at the IRS has their own “Wilson” or the person they go to when they need help or advice.

Papa Mbengue Catholic University America, Wasington, DC

The IRS reminds me of “The Office.” Except for the craziness of the acting, everything else looks the same: the settings, the team meetings, the characters, and the routine.

Don’t miss Thursday’s blog. Chris, Stephanie, and Papa will talk about their idea of a typical federal employee.

In the meantime tell us, does your office remind you of a TV Show? If so, which one?

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Ha…I remember my first job I was shocked how an office environments. The Office was the first show that nailed it. What I like about the show is while it’s about paper,the office is really about people, inter-office friendship/relationships, meetings, etc. Love this season’s R&D project to create the store.

Eric Erickson

My team at the IRS reminds me of ‘Cougar Town.’ Like the members of the Cul de Sac crew, we each have vastly different personalities, yet appreciate and respect each other and our differences…most of the time. We do not, however, drink as much wine. At least during work hours 🙂