Renee LeFever’s Story

Tell the readers some general information such as your name, where you live, and what recreational activities you enjoy.

My name is Renée LeFever. I live in Minnesota and enjoy horseback riding and raising Schipperke dogs.

Where do you work right now? What do you do?

Currently I am working for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Minnesota State Office in St. Paul. My job series is 301, Program Specialist, but I support the Contracting section of the state office. I am the Contract Administrator for an Administrative Services contract that just started, and I am in charge of modifications to all current contracts. I also look forward to learning more and participating fully in the whole cradle to grave contract process as time goes on. I am one class away (CON-120) from being qualified for my FAC-C Level I certification.

I understand you want to become an 1102 contract specialist for the federal government. What is it about the 1102 job series that appeals to you?

With a background in Agbusiness and just having earned my MBA I had never even heard of Contracting until I was hired by the NRCS for their Business Management Leadership Program. Now I have worked through nine DAU courses and am looking forward to CON-120 in February. From working in the contracting field I can say that I find it intellectually stimulating, and I like the customer service aspect. I enjoy helping people and find it very rewarding to bring different individuals or businesses together to achieve a common purpose for the benefit of all those involved.

If you had an inspiring message you could tell everyone in the world, what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff! If you stay focused on your goal, don’t waste time on emotional responses to inconsequential issues, and work through problems with clear-headed reason, then you will succeed.

If someone were interested in talking with you about an 1102 contract specialist position, how could they reach you and look at your resume?

My email is [email protected] My resume is posted on USAJobs. Or you can call me during normal work hours CST at 320-843-2458 X107.

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