Repeat of my Introduction – Originally Posted June 26th

Hi, there. My name is Yun-Mei Lin, and I currently work for the USDA Forest Service, in Albuquerque, NM. Personally, I have been involved in multiple Social Media networks, but have only recently discovered that businesses and government agencies are actually starting to utilized these tools to enhance communication and productivity. I am a major advocate of utilizing all available tools to help me get the job done – whether that’s a task, or a career, makes no difference to me.

I currently work in the consolidated Human Capital Management in the Albuquerque Service Center. I started off my career this time in the Contact Center as a phone agent, and am now working on the development side of the Center in the Knowledge Database Team. I just started in this new area, so I haven’t much to share on that point yet, but I can’t wait to get started.

In Human Resources, the Forest Service may be suffering from some transitional pains, but I am so pleased to be part of this vital and critical change that absolutely must happen in order to keep the agency alive. I subscribed to this forum in order to keep abreast of new technologies and happenings that might help us in our journey and growth.

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