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SUSOPS Project Blog #3: The Silver Lining of a Cloud-Based Conference: Financial and Expanded Benefits of the Virtual Meeting

By Lance Simon and Judith Nielsen In February, 2012, the United States Forest Service held a hybrid conference that was 96% remote, 4% on-site and 100% successful. It saved the Agency almost a million dollars in costs, doubled attendance rates, helped it “walk its talk” by saving hundreds of metric tons of CO2 emissions,Read… Read more »

Social Media Policy and Knowledge Management

(The following was originally posted as a response to a Discussion List topic on Social Media Policy in FS Communications, a GovLoop Group) I have been entertaining a thought that is pertinent to this direct topic, but also to the entire landscape of knowledge and information management. The key word in that phrasing is “management,”Read… Read more »

Repeat of my Introduction – Originally Posted June 26th

Hi, there. My name is Yun-Mei Lin, and I currently work for the USDA Forest Service, in Albuquerque, NM. Personally, I have been involved in multiple Social Media networks, but have only recently discovered that businesses and government agencies are actually starting to utilized these tools to enhance communication and productivity. I am a majorRead… Read more »