Replace/Supplement Memos with Blogs

“Didn’t you see my memo?”. Sound familar?

Heard this a while back but I now see it’s value. Memos can often take a while to get down the chain of command. And memos are boring. And we get too many emails as it is.

Replace or supplement memos with blog posts. Seriously.

Blogs are faster and easier to understand (assuming they’re written in an informal style like blogs should be) than memos.

If you don’t want to give up the memo or want to test out the idea, then start an internal blog and summarize the memo in a short paragraph. Also, tell your staff when you expect the memo to get to them.

Boom. Social web at work.

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From an HR perspective, I see the importance of a memo. A memo is considered an “unofficial” offical document (oftentimes outlining a procedure or informally adopted policy/procedure which provides the directive in written format outlining whom the intended recipients/audience is – whom you provided it to — we HR people always say document, document, document) whereas a blog may be more of an idea (plus, how are you certain the intended audience will read your blog?) which may or may not be implemented or read.

Sterling Whitehead

I see your point Tricia. We contract folks have the same saying — document, document, document.

Still, I think blogs are even better for procedures. A blog automatically archives procedures in its history and is searchable. On the other hand, memos must be entered into a searchable archive to be searched. From this useability perspective, it makes things easier. (And the easier something is, the more it will be adopted).

As for reaching your audience, there are two options.

Method 1: An experiment can be conducted using both “memo-blogs” and regular memos. Evaluate results through SurveyMonkey surveys. The goal is to find which method people find more useful.

Method 2: If can internal blog is set up, it can be easily reached. As for emailed memos, let’s be honest — lots of people don’t read them. Often, they’re just erased. As far as my knowledge of memos extends, they’re only useful if they are implemented. If people don’t read them, then they’re not implemented. I believe blogs will increase readership, leading to further implementation of procedures written down in memos.

Of course, emailed memos and blog-memos can be used at the same time. This will increase exposure, increasing the chances that workers will read and implement procedures in the memos.