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Investment decision-making (12/2010) –The Investment Management Standard is theVictorian Government’scommon-sense approach to shaping investments and making investment decisions. The underlying principles of the Standard include: a focus on the investment benefits (as opposed to finding solutions to a problem), use of plain language, simple concepts and transparency.
Transforming Government (07/2011) – Governments across Europe are looking for ways to save money and improve the delivery of public services through the creative use of Information Technology (IT). A new Logica survey shows there are marked differences in approach and attitude.

Best Practices

Content that attracts an audience (07/20/2011) -New content is the key to building a brand, fostering conversation and demonstrating authority on a particular topic. When putting together your content creation goals, this Ragan.com article suggests using webinars, case studies and other approaches to promote your organization.

Lessons in IT Management (07/14/2011) – Vivek Kundra shares his 10 key principles that improved federal Information Technology (IT) transparency and management. These principles include: building end-to-end digital systems to reduce errors and protect data integrity ; building once, using often; and, providing equal access to data and incorporating user feedback on an ongoing basis.

Aligning Content Online and Offline (07/06/2011) – A successful social, mobile government will require alignment between citizens’ online and offline experiences, according to a meet content article. Enhancing customer experience will require layering different types of information, for example, creating a map with a QR barcode that leads people to a mobile site, photos or directions.

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