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Roundtable Promises Meaningful (Online) Conversations

Reading Clay Johnson’s response to the White House’s request for input, I came across Roundtable, a new take on building an online environment for “meaningful conversations” currently under development. From their blog:

At Roundtable we’re all about empowering meaningful conversations – between thought leaders, between friends, and between curated communities of strangers.

There is little information available on the site as to the process design by which the Roundtable team hopes to achieve this goal, but it looks one element may be a sort of semi-fishbowl setup (a small group at the center of the conversation, a potentially much larger group engaging in second-level comments).

Other things worth noticing: a very sleek design and an appropriately named “applaud” gesture (the ability for participants to express support for each others’ comments).


Roundtable discussion entry page:

Online Communities

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Online Communities

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Look forward to playing with it once I get my invite. By the way, great name.

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