Roundtable Public Education Discussion: Featuring Mitt Romney and Fels Professor Nicholas Torres

By Joe Semsar, Associate Consultant

On Thursday, May 24th, Fels Professor Nicholas Torres and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney joined together with a few other Philadelphia educational leaders to discuss public education issues facing Philadelphia and the rest of the nation. All of the educational leaders were given an opportunity to ask specific questions of the former governor, and issues, such as student-to-teacher ratios and school choice, were analyzed and debated by the group.

As a first year Fels student, it was thrilling for me to see an extension of the Fels family with a seat a the table, examining issues that we often ruminate on in class. The forty-five minute discussion featured engaging conversations between teachers, principals, education policymakers and the now Republican Nominee Mitt Romney. As a former teacher, I found the discussion quite interesting, as micro level stakeholders had the rare opportunity to inquire into how a potential future president plans to improve public education.

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