Saving Taxpayer Dollars with Tech

There are trends in the future that I think will end up savings taxpayers a lot of money, and the federal government should be spending its scarce resources on. Because the federal government is such a large driver of the economy, trends it pushes will largely impact American society.

1) Telework. More teleworking means fewer offices, few parking garages, and lower utility bills for the federal government. The Department of Defense wants to have at least 30% of its eligible employees teleworking at least once per week by 2020. It’s far from that goal right now. Still, I think Defense should be pushing for at least 50%, particularly because acceptance of teleworking varies from agency to agency.

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Corey McCarren

Good call. People rarely think of government as a driver of innovation, but it can really put its best foot forward with the acceptance of telework.

Jaime Gracia

Isn’t it more important that the work gets done, then focusing on desks and cubes and demanding they be filled.

I never understood the philosophy that unless you are in the office, you are not working.