Scary! SHORTER FISCAL YEAR for our office!

OK, so I miss one meeting a few weeks ago, and low and behold something important was put out. For some reason, first time I remember, the leaders cut our fiscal year work till 28OCT09. It makes since. Everyone needs time to do their jobs, all the way up the food chain. But, this was a surprise to me! So, we lose two days. Not a huge number. That is a whole 48 hours! Don’t they know what we contracting folks can do in 48 hours!!? 🙂 Oh well. Time to get the cot or the air mattress for the last two weeks of work. 🙂 I think GOV LOOP needs to set up a countdown clock on the website! 🙂 We could have a New Years virtual Party! LOL

Everyone have a great weekend!


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Amanda Blount

Someone pointed out I had written 24 hours which we had cut from the end of the fiscal year. I corrected it to 48 hours. That is even worse. Hey, in contracting, we could move mountains in 48 hours.