It has been a long week. But, today is FRIDAY! I won’t be able to rest this weekend. Too much to do.

My son moves to college tomorrow. Which is bitter sweet. But since he received a full ride in engineering, it is more sweet, than bitter. 🙂

At work the end of the fiscal year keeps coming closer and closer. The time is flying and when the clock runs out, GAME OVER. 🙂 Time to crack open a beer!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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John Sporing

I understand how you feel about weekends. As kids we always looked forward to two days off (okay perhaps some chores, but mostly free time). As adults, it seems that the weekends are constantly filled with chores, friends, family, and other odd bids.

Not that I do not appreciate the time with friends and family, but sometimes I look back fondly to my quiet weekends as a kid and the ability to watch Saturday morning cartoons and and then go outside to play. Perhaps in retirement?

Congrats to your son for his full-ride and to you for preparing him for this moment.

Have a great weekend and a beer (or two)!

Amanda Blount

HI John,

We didn’t realize how great we had it until we were grown. I encourage the kids to have as much fun as possible on the weekends, because it won’t last forever. Now, I mostly need a vacation after my weekend. 🙂

I hope you have a great one!