Scheming Virtuously: A Handbook for Public Servants

Scheming Virtuously: A Handbook for Public Servants is a tactical guide for any public servant looking to make an impact. It offers practical advice on how to be innovative in the public service while managing your relationships and reputation.

Download the whitepaper.

I have also traveled all over Canada delivering a live presentation of the whitepaper, if you think someone in your organization might be interested in having me come in for a workshop, please let me know.


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Nicholas Charney

@Andrew – maybe you guys should feature this ;p

@Dave – It’s funny that you mention it, Colin’s paper was the inspiration. I actually asked him if I could borrow his style prior to starting to write it… that was like 3 years ago now. Colin and I have since become friends and I credit a lot of what I have been able to do to a Barcamp he ran in Ottawa 3+ years ago.

Nicholas Charney

@Dave oh, and I haven’t put it anywhere else for embedding but will try to get it into slideshare and repost the link here.

Dave Briggs

Ha, nothing wrong with wearing influences on your sleeve. Can’t believe Colin’s thing is 3 years old!

Anyway, as I said, great work. Looking forward to pimping it round the UK.