Seaport lobbying and the LLC loophole in today’s political law links

SEAPORT EARMARKS. The budget-cutting fervor that killed earmark spending has sent a panic through the nation’s seaports, where billions of federal dollars have traditionally been directed almost entirely at the discretion of lawmakers.” Roll Call reports.

HARMAN DISTRICT SPECIAL ELECTION COSTS. Who should pay? The Hill explains. “Harman is the third wealthiest member of Congress, according to a list compiled by The Hill. Together with her husband, Sidney Harman, the congresswoman is worth more than $152 million, according to her 2010 financial disclosure forms.”

KOCH’S PLAYING IN WI. The Times reports.

REFORM CAMPAIGN FINANCE WATCHDOG. The Post supports an overhaul of DC’s Office of Campaign Finance in this editorial this morning.

MARYLAND’S “LLC LOOPHOLE” AT RISK. The Post reoprts. “[Gov.] O’Malley, who is term-limited out, said he supports efforts to prohibit the so-called ‘LLC loophole.’ The practice lets individuals and businesses contribute in excess of state limits by donating through multiple business interests, most often limited-liability corporations.”

NEVADA LOBBYING. Here’s a report on lobbying in Nevada.


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