‘Searchify’ Government Websites

Sounds like a Harry Potter spell, but the trend is to ‘Searchify’ government websites. Sites like NYC.gov (hackathon designs), Utah.gov, Calgary.ca (currently in beta), Texas.gov and Energy.gov (in a way) all focus on search in a bold way. In this video, I discuss why.

Original post at GovGirl.com

In case you’re wondering, my wand is indeed fashioned from two pens and electrical tape. I love being a nerd =)

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Andrew Krzmarzick

This is awesome, Kristy. I just got done reviewing a dozen local government websites for NAGW’s Pinnacle Awards and only 2 followed this particular trend…so we’re definitely seeing it…but I’m not sure the majority are jumping on board (mostly, I’ll bet, because they don’t trust their search function).