Secretary Gary Locke’s Letter to DOC Employees

The rally to celebrate the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) of the National Capital Area for the Department of Commerce is coming!

What: Commerce 2010 CFC Rally
When: Wednesday, November 3, 2010, at 10:00 a.m.
Where: DOC Auditorium

Come to our star-studded ceremony planned to inform you about this year’s campaign.

Remember to —

• Improve the quality of life for all. Your support can contribute towards this cost-effective and efficient employee-focused program.

• Choose to be a part of the collective strength to selected organizations. Your donation supports a larger collective effort of the Federal workforce to give back to the community.

• Maximize the value of your pledge. Giving through the CFC is unrestricted and allows more of your pledge to go directly to the organization.

• Give the easy way. Making your pledge through payroll deduction or one-time donation provides to you a choice and an easy way to participate.
• Make the most of accountability you can trust. The CFC maintains the highest levels of integrity and transparency for the program and accounts for every dollar pledged.

The Department of Commerce has been a leader in its innovation and generosity in past CFCs. This year our goal is $4 million, and I am confident that we will exceed that mark.

Please join me on Monday, November 3, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. at the Department of Commerce’s CFC Rally in the Herbert C. Hoover Building auditorium. It will be an exciting event featuring Gwen Tolbert as the keynote speaker. The program will be followed by a Charity Fair in the lobby with 30 participating charities.

I would like to thank Under Secretary Rebecca Blank and the United States Bureau of the Census team for leading the 2010 CFC for the Department of Commerce. This campaign is about each individual making a difference. You, along with people like Commerce Campaign Manager Shirin Ahmed, each of the heads of offices and operating units, and all the key workers, will make this campaign a success.
I also encourage you to visit the Department’s CFC campaign Web site. You will find the CFC goals for the Department and each Commerce agency, as well as progress in reaching our goals. You will find useful information on the site, including the list of CFC charities and ways to give to CFC. The site will change frequently, so visit it often: www.census.gov/CFC.

Thank you in advance for your support of the CFC. Working together, our compassion as individuals will create the power of community.

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