SeeClickFix Integrates Data with San Francisco and Washington DC’s New Open311 Systems

SeeClickFix is proud to announce its integration with San Francisco and Washington DC’s 311 systems, after the two cities announced their transition to the Open311 API today. The cities’ use of this open source data platform will enable citizens to communicate service requests directly into their cities’ CRMs by reporting issues through one of SeeClickFix’s three platforms:

• the website, available at,
• the widgets, embedded on local news sites like,
• or the smart phone app, available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone.

From now on, the data for any SeeClickFix issue reported in San Francisco will immediately be entered into the city’s CRM. That connection went live on Thursday afternoon, when SeeClickFix co-founder Kam Lasater reported graffiti outside his mother’s house in San Francisco. SeeClickFix will integrate with DC’s Open311 in the coming week.

“This is truly revolutionary,” said SeeClickFix Ben Berkowitz. “We’ve been waiting for this since users in San Francisco started using the tool in early 2008. Hats off to all who made this possible, including the cities of San Francisco and DC and the Open Planning Project.”

San Francisco CIO Chris Vein called SeeClickFix “an important player” in the development of the Open311 standard. “I look forward to SeeClickFix using the Open311 API to give residents new channels of access and help lower costs by routing requests directly to our service workers,” said Vein.
SeeClickFIx’ API supports the core schema of the Open311 standard. Several municipal clients already use SeeClickFix’s API to send data into their CRMs, including New Haven, CT, Tucson, AZ, and Manor, TX.

Lasater demonstrated how SeeClickFix’s connection to San Francisco’s 311 works on Thursday night, at a benefit party hosted by Twilio at San Francisco City Hall.

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