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Getting Started with open311

This is a continuation of an article about open311 use cases in which I looked at three cities using open311 solutions to communicate with their constituents. This week, I’d like to offer some advice about getting started with open311 technology. The best places to start are with mobile reporting applications and the constituent relationship managementRead… Read more »

open311 Use Cases

Exciting new advancements are taking place in the world of open311, which is a data standard that various applications can be built on. A number of open311-compliant open source and commercial applications allow data to be easily shared and used by each other, such as CRMs, mobile reporting apps, and other web interfaces displaying reportRead… Read more »

Some CFA code

This weekend I spent some time on code for america and rootstrikers, Some ideas about open311 : Some code i wrote for CFA/open311 and for rootstrikers : hope you like it, mike

Open311, SeeClickFix, San Francisco and Estonia

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office (where I work on civil law investigations and social media initiatives) this week launched a local campaign to tackle illegal dumping and graffiti, using SeeClickFix and a range of 311 services to encourage smartphone and Web reporting of neighborhood blight. The “Let’s Do It SF!” initiative also has aRead… Read more »

Building Gov 2.0 Community in San Francisco

We’re excited about a fresh new look for OpenSF, a team blog dedicated to innovation, collaboration and transparency in San Francisco government. OpenSF was originally launched by Jay Nath, director of innovation in the City’s Department of Technology, and his team members were the primary contributors. For about a year, I’ve been writing regularly forRead… Read more »

Pillars of Gov 2.0: Social Media and Standards

I’ve been watching with interest as social media blogger extraordinaire Chris Brogan adapts his person brand from “social media guy,” to “human business guy.” Chris has been writing about effective news media strategy since long before it was a cottage industry, and many of his tips and probing questions center around the human component ofRead… Read more »

SeeClickFix Integrates Data with San Francisco and Washington DC’s New Open311 Systems

SeeClickFix is proud to announce its integration with San Francisco and Washington DC’s 311 systems, after the two cities announced their transition to the Open311 API today. The cities’ use of this open source data platform will enable citizens to communicate service requests directly into their cities’ CRMs by reporting issues through one of SeeClickFix’sRead… Read more »

Open Government is a Social Movement

I had the pleasure of spending last Friday and Saturday with a great group of doers and thought leaders at Open Gov West. I’m going to try to sum up some of my major take-aways from the Open Gov Regional Standards and Seamless Data panels and facilitated discussion. Let me just note that this panelRead… Read more »