Shared Services Canada – White paper update

Here is the next iteration of our white paper Shared Services Canada that is accompanying the webinar of the same name.

Download Shared Services Canada – White paper

This version of the paper introduces content from our partner Ni2, a Montreal-based IT firm specializing in best practices for Cloud Migration Management.

N(i)2 Cloud Migration Management provides key insight and decision support information for identifying which applications are prime candidates for cloud migration, in providing analysis and cost justification prior to and after the migration, as well as in delivering and coordinating the deployment to the cloud.

  1. Initially, N(i)2 Cloud Migration Management helps assess the current state of the application infrastructure. In addition to providing vital service and application dependencies, it assists in determining the resident applications’ true cost including initial capital cost and recurring costs of supporting infrastructure resources across the IT, Networks and Facilities domains.
  2. N(i)2 Cloud Migration Management then enables the modeling and design of the future state scenarios of the application infrastructure within the cloud. This serves in determining future costs and effectively planning the changeover to the cloud.
  3. Lastly, N(i)2 Cloud Migration Management automatically generates the migration release plan, greatly minimizing the impact for a successful transition to the Cloud .

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