Shark Week and Contracting – Get Your Ideas on AllThingsSterling

Boo Halloween. Shove it Thanksgiving. Down with Christmas.

It’s the best time of the year — Shark Week!

Whether you’re freightened or terrified of these seagoing monsters, there’s no denying they’re amazing. Multiple rows of teeth. Sweet tails. Crazy-powerful jaws. (You should to see the Tiger Shark jaws haning in my apartment.) Good Lord they’re just freakin’ cool.

Yes, I love sharks.

So how does this play into contracting?

Well, I’m not too sure yet. That’s where you come in. Give me a few ideas to start me thinking, and I’ll put your ideas on my blog at AllThingsSterling.posterous.com.

Shark Week!

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Candace Riddle

Hmmm Shark = frightening, terrifying, amazing, powerful, “just freakin’ cool”….Public Procurement Professional = frightening, terrifying, amazing, powerful, “just freakin’ cool”…. Yes, I see the similarities.

Eric Melton

Lean and focused while others loll around in their whalish blubber… consuming tons of insignificant matter and producing tons of waste…. instead of seeking the one target that will sustain all.

Keith Moore

The Sharks are the large prime contractors who are fully capitalized and not minimized because
capitalization and access to capital is not an issue. These Sharks devour any contract that comes in their view especially when it is classified as free and open competition. And don’t let a procurement come out like a typical 290 page document with less than ample time for the average fish to be able to gather their wits to competitively respond to the intimidating 200
plus page RFP.

The Sharks clear the beaches when these open competition opportunities arise. And they arise daily in every agency. just check the FPDS.

Let’s hope and pray that Shark Week does not become the “catch of the day” for the next two months leading up to the end of the fiscal year, when all of the money has to be spent!!!!

Andrew Krzmarzick

There are two reactions to a typical contracting process.


(a) swim fast toward the money, like sensing blood in the water

(b) run like heck to avoid the pain and long convalescence