Should the OpenGov/Gov 2.0 Community Collaborate on a Larger Scale?

UPDATE on 1/11/2012: We didn’t find the critical mass of organizers in 100 cities, but this plan is likely to be modified and tried again. Please contact me through GovLoop if you’re interested.


It may be time for collaborating across our many organizations. Here’s a proposal to find 100 opengov community members capable of holding a 2-hour meeting in partnership with local government to spread the word between May 16-20, 2011: The purpose is to help us all bring opengov to our local gov wherever we may live.

100 meetings during one week is a lot, but we’re all capable of holding 2-hour meetings– the tough part is taking the first step and committing to do so. With such a large number of fellow local organizers, no one will have to start from scratch– we’ll be sharing good techniques for organizing these meetings in a peer-to-peer fashion. As of March 16, there are 39 organizers in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Columbia, Indonesia, Latin America, Mexico, Netherlands, Ukraine, and United States:

To respect everyone’s time, if a total of 100 local organizers do not sign up by March 23rd, then we won’t move forward with these events. By ensuring there is critical mass even before we start, it won’t fail, It’s an experiment that will either succeed or not happen at all. Either way, we’ll learn where the energy is for deeper collaborations.

Please do sign up! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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