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NASA. IT. OpenGov. Remote Engagement. Interested?

Over the next couple of days, we at the Open Forum Foundation are running the remote engagement program for NASA’s IT Summit and you may be interested in participating. Notes: 1. We’ve assembled a complex group of technologies into a simplified user interface that integrates text, video, and phone into one website. The lessons weRead… Read more »

Should the OpenGov/Gov 2.0 Community Collaborate on a Larger Scale?

UPDATE on 1/11/2012: We didn’t find the critical mass of organizers in 100 cities, but this plan is likely to be modified and tried again. Please contact me through GovLoop if you’re interested. ORIGINAL POST: It may be time for collaborating across our many organizations. Here’s a proposal to find 100 opengov community members capableRead… Read more »

How-To: Tips for Building a Collaborative Environment

After completing the February Open Government Directive Workshop, we realized that it’s much easier to think about collaboration and build collaborative practices into an agency’s open government plan it’s done in a collaborative environment. (Final results of the teams’ collaborations are posted at the top of the OpenGov Playbook and the teams offer great suggestionsRead… Read more »