Show Me Your /OPEN Web Page – Be the next…

February 5, 2010: OpenEPA is LIVE! #OpenGov” #OpenEPA

They should all be open for ideas by the end of the day, or by tomorrow morning…
OK, who has webpages up?

Until the OGD Dashboard gets developed and implemented, how about posting your agency’s /open web pages here? Has anybody got one up yet? “Show Me Your URL!” 😉

White House

OGD DashBoard

Here’s SunLight Labs Open Watcher –

1.20.2010 – Labor Dept. Open Website appears to be the first real one.

1.22.2010 – Homeland Security Open Page:

2.1.2010 – USDA – (With Citizen Engagement Tool) –

2.3.2010 – OK, so I’m tooting our horn – OpenEPA is LIVE!

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Sam Allgood

I was thinking along these lines recently also, Barry. I would suggest creating a group for more sustained attention and responses.

Michael Corey Daconta

I am much more concerned about the quality of those pages than the quantity. The two you have listed so far are not even worth clicking on as they are BOTH just placeholders. IMO, Sunlight labs should not be counting DOT as having a page…

Stuart, an SBA program, has just published several datasets to meet the OGD. You can find them on the Small Business Administration’s Open Page:

If you’d like to get a little more insight about web services and why they are useful to your agency’s constituents please read my article on making Public Data More Accessible Through Web Services. If you are a developer looking for government data to get your hands on please visit our Web Service API page.