Since the future begins with local engagement/involvement….

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While large organizations are clearly delivering value to the public and private sector it is important that we do not lose site of the importance of small organizations, local governments, and their ability to drive positive changes. According to census numbers and numbers published by SBA for the United States alone we know that:

With these numbers in mind I have launched a brand new community, Our Town Talk. This community will evolve as membership grows, meeting the needs of our members.

The mission for this community is straightforward and summed up as providing a place for citizens, small business owners, local government employees and politicians to come together and share their thoughts on what is good and what is not so good in their communities. Over time I would love to see this become a place where citizen 2.0 is standardized and becomes a reality.

While these goals are worthwhile we will need to be patient and seek to grow this community to the point where a critical mass is achieved. In the mean-time, note:

  • The community is absolutely FREE. It is ad-supported and I want to keep it this way to make sure there are no barriers to entry.
  • There are three members today. As I noted, I literally just launched this. 🙂
  • As new members join I will create areas for the towns they are from. I expect this to be a very slow growth community and we should be able to keep up.
  • If you have ideas, share them.
  • Invite friends and play to see how this can add value to your community.
  • I am aggregating job listings and daily deals from around the web and will continue to add to these to continue to give more value.

If you believe your town needs an easy to use platform stop by and give it a try.


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John Moore

Welcome! Join the newly setup Phoenix, Arizona group and start bringing others in. Help Phoenix bring Citizen 2.0 to life! 🙂