Why Sisterhood, Still?

Because women are half the population, but not even remotely half of our leadership. Because biased perceptions about women as bosses continues.

Because women earn less than men for the same work no matter how you slice it. But still pay more for health care.

Because women still do more than their fair share when it come to balancing work and family demands.

Because nearly one in every five women have been raped.

And because somewhere a woman is getting the crap beaten out of her every 9 seconds or so. And it’s usually someone in her own family that’s doing it.


Though much progress has been made, we can do a lot more for the female members of our population.

It’s time we stepped up and started doing it.

All opinions are my own and do not represent those of my agency or the federal government as a whole. Photo by me, of my daughter Rebecca, giving a presentation at school about her recent class trip overseas. Book cover via RobinMorgan.net.


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