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Six Vital GSA Contract Links

There is no shortage of links I keep in my bookmarks, but here are the webpages I use on a daily basis. If you work with a GSA Contract, or are thinking about getting one, then these are all very helpful links to have. Learning the ins-and-outs of each webpage will pay-off in the end.

GSA Advantage – This is the GSA’s E-Commerce website that lists all products offered on GSA (or at least it is supposed to). This is completely public, so you can view what your competitors are charging for a specific item. The search feature is pretty robust, and the side-bar is great for narrowing down results by a Manufacturer or Contractor. You can also use the search bar to search Services – just click the drop-down and select “Services.”

GSA E-library (Schedules) – Here you will find the complete list of GSA and VA/FSS Schedules, along with short descriptions. Click the links, and you will be taken to the complete and up-to-date (usually) list of SIN’s or sub-categories. This is a vital tool for selecting your GSA Schedule and SIN’s.

GSA Schedule Sales Query – Wouldn’t you love to know all of the GSA Sales statistics? Well, this is very possible if you take some time to learn the GSA SSQ system. The search options are confusing at first, but if you put in the time, you will have some extremely useful market share data, and many other important sales numbers as well.

Vendor Support Center – The go-to place for most GSA maintenance information. The GSA has created this special area of their site to assist Contractors in making decisions, maintaining their GSA Contract, and keeping compliant.

Interact – Did you know that the GSA has it’s own Social Network? If you follow the relevant topics in Interact, you will keep up-to-date on the important information relating to your industry and the GSA in general. I also recommend following my blog also.

Published Solicitations – Once you know your GSA Schedule, you will need to download the solicitation documents. I am confident that once you do this you will call me for help. My number is (866) 916-6484.

Honorable Mention:

These links will give you many statistics from 2012 GSA data.

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