Sixteen Schools to Compete in EcoCar2

Sixteen teams from twelve states and Canada have been invited to participate in the Department of Energy’s second EcoCar competition. This EcoCar challenge will last three years and will challenge students to modify a Chevy Malibu to reduce its environmental impact without sacrificing “safety, performance and consumer acceptability.” General Motors and the DOE have partnered for the second time to continue the event. The goals of the program are to:

Construct and demonstrate vehicles and powertrains that when compared to the production gasoline vehicle:

  • Reduce petroleum energy consumption on the basis of a total fuel cycle analysis;
  • Reduce fuel consumption;
  • Reduce well to wheel greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Reduce criteria tailpipe emissions;
  • Maintain consumer acceptability in the area of performance, utility, and safety.

Visit the Eco Car website and read the DOE’s press release for more details on the competition.

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