Skuzme lets you Commute Social

What is Skuzme?

Skuzme is a simple way to connect with other commuters going the same way you are. Combining crowd-sourced traffic alerts and social sharing, with traffic alerts from service providers and other social networks, we’ve made it easy to make better trip choices. The next time your transport service provider doesn’t give you the full picture about a delay, commute social with Skuzme and make the best alternative trip choice to get you there safely. Skuzme empowers you to help create safer, sustainable and convenient transportation choices. Socially, we can make better transport choices.

Why Skuzme?

Its the only social network where you can define your commute around any combination of modes; light rail, commuter train, bus, ride share, car pool, ferry, park ‘n rides, commercial airlines, freight deliveries, even your own solo commute. Skuzme is the only social network where you can send traffic alerts directly to the friends and followers of a transportation service, immediately, un-edited. And, it’s one of the only networks where the users regulate the quality of the data and information.

How does it work?

Skuzme offers two types of user accounts. One for COMMUTERS and one for the SERVICE(s) they commute. Social sharing among COMMUTERS who use the same SERVICE(s) is what is at the core of what makes Skuzme work. We use it to supplement and strengthen officially sourced travel information and data. The more the users interact, the richer the experience. Skuzme’s traffic SkuzeAlert, a unique “crowd-sourcing” tool, lets commuters send travel alerts directly to other commuters who have an interest in the same commute patterns, and the transport providers serving them. In short, the SkuzAlert solves a fundamental problem with conventional social networks – read more.

Why does it work?

Traffic, transit and flight information for the commuter, by the commuter. Commuters are the best source for transit, traffic and flight information. They provide the best up to the minute information when freeways come to a standstill, trains run late, buses are slow, and flights are cancelled. Our approach leverages social interaction and trust to deliver the best information for commuters. The notion is that internet oriented social sharing and networking is a powerful and credible basis for influencing commuters’ transport mode, route and service choices, and ultimately the quality of transport services.

What makes Skuzme different?

Skuzme is focused on the user’s experience:

· Traffic data is crowd-sourced directly from commuters – read more.

· Users are able to customize transportation Services around their commutes – read more.

· The user is able to regulate the quality of alerts and advisories by reducing spamming – read more.

What are Skuzme’s data sources?

Skuzme offers three sources for travel alerts and advisories:

1. External Feeds – Traffic, transit and airline alerts are sourced from external RSS feeds provided by the transportation service providers. Alerts from one or more service provider are “pushed” to the followers of a SERVICE representing their commute on Skuzme – read more.

2. Commuter Crowd Sourcing – Real time alerts are crowd-sourced from COMMUTERS who send their own traffic and transit SkuzAlerts directly to a SERVICE. These alerts are self-moderated and blended with the “official” alerts – read more.

3. Social Sharing – Commuters with similar travel patterns connect and follow each other. They share their own transportation experiences and choices with their followers through SkuzAll status updates and SkuzDirect messages – read more.

Integrated with other Social Networks?

· Facebook – Skuzme allows you to register and/or login with your Facebook account. You can also share traffic alerts with your Facebook friends and recommend commuter services for your Facebook friends to follow. [Coming soon> The Skuzme app on Facebook lets you receive Skuzme traffic alerts with your Facebook news feed, and post SkuzAlerts from Facebook to Skuzme.<Coming soon]

· Twitter – You can share traffic alerts from Skuzme with your Twitter followers, as well as recommend recommend commuter services to your Twitter followers. You can also access traffic alerts from a transport service provider’s Twitter account using RSS feed, and feed these into you commuter service account on Skuzme.

· LinkedIn – You can share traffic alerts from Skuzme with your LinkedIn connections, as well as recommend recommend commuter services to your LinkedIn connections.

Read more – Commuters.

Read more – Services.

Read more – Relationships.

Read more – Sharing.

Read more – FAQs.

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