Sloppy Reporting Misleads the Public on Obama’s Executive Orders

Executive Orders, Political Ignorance, and Journalists’ Negligence

On Tuesday, thousands of ignorant reporters were wrong about President Obama’s proposals to end gun violence. Their negligence fuels the psycho-goofball conspiracy nutjobs who claim that Executive Orders are illegal, that Obama has issued more than any other president, and that he’s coming for your guns.

Barack Obama is not repealing the Second Amendment. He is not coming to take anyone’s guns. Those who claim that he is are either lying or are monumentally stupid.

On Tuesday, President Obama announced 23 executive actions that he will take to prevent gun violence. Immediately, thousands of reporters screeched that “Obama signed 23 executive orders”. He did not.

Look at the video. Obama clearly did not sign 23 separate pieces of paper. He signed THREE. Now I’m not here to discuss the specific plans. Many people are far more qualified than I to do that. This is about executive orders, the public’s political ignorance, and journalist’s negligence.

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