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HR Technology: “Do Your Own Thing” – Even in Light of Ch-Ch-Changes

Customization remains key. IT vendors are increasingly recognizing that they can no longer force tech to dictate functions. They understand that – if solutions do not adapt to existing, preferred processes – then users will reject the new tech outright.

Your People Analytics Dashboard is Not Nearly as Useful as it Could Be

People are much more likely to retain information – and become intrigued by it, by listening to an interesting story than by listening to recitation of points on a slide. We’re more likely to retain information, learn from it and be able to act on it if it contains up-to-the-minute data. And we’re more likely… Read more »

You Can Have it Both Ways — Centralized and Decentralized People Data Insight

For many people, staying the course, especially if things are going well, is the safest and easiest way forward. Moving away from the status quo and “the way it’s done” is difficult emotionally as well as intellectually. The same can hold true for federal agencies. As much as leadership may want to embrace change and… Read more »

A Good Quote is More Interesting Than This Headline

Let’s start by admitting that, sometimes, all a reporter needs is a quote to finish a story. Any quote, as long it’s relevant and they meet their deadline. What they’d really like, however, are birds flying backwards. That’s the gist of a legendary quote used in one of my journalism classes, from a guy tellingRead… Read more »

RationalPlan Project Management Software Version 4.7 Is Publicly Available

Stand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of RationalPlan version 4.7. Current version comes with many changes both on the core side and on the clients side: faster execution, improved reporting, better integration with the underlying operating system, improved critical path management and much more. RationalPlan is a project management software that startedRead… Read more »

Unpacking the “Black Box” of Incident Reporting

Government agencies regularly report “incident” data, such as the number of burglaries, house fires, cases of food poisoning, bankruptcies, workplace injuries, and more. While these data can be used externally for accountability, they can also be used internally to predict and prevent these kinds of incidents. These days, more detailed, near real-time data can beRead… Read more »

Gov Misrepresents $1.55 trillion in grants? How did it happen?

The Sunlight Foundation reports that $1.55 trillion dollars has misrepresented in federal spending in 2011. That baffling number is just one of the findings for the Clearspending report. But how can that happen? And how can agencies adequately manage when they don’t have a firm grip on their spending? Kaitlin Devin is a senior webRead… Read more »

Sloppy Reporting Misleads the Public on Obama’s Executive Orders

Executive Orders, Political Ignorance, and Journalists’ Negligence On Tuesday, thousands of ignorant reporters were wrong about President Obama’s proposals to end gun violence. Their negligence fuels the psycho-goofball conspiracy nutjobs who claim that Executive Orders are illegal, that Obama has issued more than any other president, and that he’s coming for your guns. Barack ObamaRead… Read more »