So I’m trying to figure out what will work best, the Groups or the Blog…

The reason I think I will like this site, is the process in which we can create “DIscussion Threads”, which of course, can be in the form of Blogs, Group posts, or even the forums. Right now, I”ve started using the “groups” but don’t know what will work out best for us long term. Will it be easier to follow a group discussion, or a blog discussion, if it in fact gets a lot of responses???


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Henry Brown


IMO significantly easier to follow a group discussion but the problem as I see it is that the way groups are “organized” when a discussion is started within a group there often are the need to carry on the “discussion” in multiple groups to get MAXIMUM input on the discussion.


My thoughts:

-Blogs are for sharing ideas and concepts
-Forums – For asking questions to the broad audience
-Groups – Connect over a niche area with questions amongst interested peers.

Does that breakdown make sense? I think I need to spend more time letting people know about the difference.