I am celebrating my B-Day today! It really is in a few days, but since I am working that day, I am chilling here at home!

So how am I spending my non-B-day you may ask? I am spending it surfing the internet. 😉 Somepeople may say that sounds crazy. BUT, I love the internet! I was raised on a farm with no TV most of the time, and the library was too far away. So, the minute I learned to use a computer in the 80’s and then later the internet, I went nuts with happiness!

During my daily work, and at home, I am always on the computer for someone else. Never me. I am on CCR, fedbizops, etc..etc…and then my family needs me to help them. My kids have their college stuff to always fill out, and there is online banking..etc! We have 5 computers in our house, and we just bought another one!

But, just for today, I am on here just playing. I might read an online book, or visit some of my favorite shopping sites, or I may watch some of my favorite videos at the history channel website. I may even tweet to the space station. My choices are endless!! I may even just hang out here all day on GovLOOP. What a nice relaxing non B-DAY! <:-) (yes that is a party hat).

*** Oh yeah… I also caught up on some Sci Fi TV I haven’t watched for a long time! ***

Computers and Sci Fi in the same blog — yep, I am a nerd! 🙂

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