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Preparing Government to Lead Change: External Awareness Developmental Strategies

In systems theory, the world is made up of interconnecting systems that influence one another. If governments are considered a type of system, how do other interconnecting systems in the world influence them?

Military Spouses: Government’s New Secret Weapon?

In any workplace, diversity is essential to success. This is doubly true in government. There’s one group of people, however, who are not often thought of when it comes to diversity: military spouses. That’s a shame. Read why here.

Change in Government Takes Time – But It Can Happen. Here’s How.

If you’re a millennial or a young gen-xer working for the government, it can be frustrating to see how fast technology is moving in the private sector and in your personal lives, compared to the rate of technology adoption (or lack thereof) in a government job. From antiquated procurement practices and internal workflows to uncertainty… Read more »

The Leadership Strengths of Introverts

It’s no secret that extroverts hold the majority of leadership roles in the professional world. When you call to mind a high level executive, you probably picture someone with an outgoing personality and commanding presence, instead of a quiet, reflective individual. A USA Today study even found that 65 percent of senior level managers believeRead… Read more »