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Change in Government Takes Time – But It Can Happen. Here’s How.

If you’re a millennial or a young gen-xer working for the government, it can be frustrating to see how fast technology is moving in the private sector and in your personal lives, compared to the rate of technology adoption (or lack thereof) in a government job. From antiquated procurement practices and internal workflows to uncertainty… Read more »

The Leadership Strengths of Introverts

It’s no secret that extroverts hold the majority of leadership roles in the professional world. When you call to mind a high level executive, you probably picture someone with an outgoing personality and commanding presence, instead of a quiet, reflective individual. A USA Today study even found that 65 percent of senior level managers believe… Read more »

6 Characteristics of Innovative Leaders

Innovation. It’s the key to success that many leaders are looking for. With the pressure to increase quality while decreasing costs, there’s a revolving door of need for new strategies to tackle the complex challenges that the public sector faces. In this environment, innovative solutions can help deal with such challenges and provide meaningful change… Read more »

4 Steps to Being a Better Boss for Your Multigenerational Workforce

With baby boomers restlessly pacing at retirement’s door, it’s critical to plan now for the significant talent gap that lies ahead. Right now, your workforce is likely made up of multiple generations bringing different traits to the table. It’s critical to take advantage of this multigenerational makeup before baby boomers retire and transition out of… Read more »