Social Media Guidelines You Should Share with Your Babysitter

In the age of evolving digital technology, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless other outlets have become a mode of communication among people. Through these social media platforms, sharing information has become practically instantaneous. Sharing your own information about your family is perfectly acceptable, but not when you are not around them. It’s essential that you communicate house rules and social media policies while hiring a babysitter.

Just imagine what will happen if an online predator traces the location of your home after your babysitter tweeted something about your house on her Twitter account! This is why parents are required to set up social media guidelines for the sitter they hire. You and the babysitter can sit together and discuss of what is expected from her while she babysits your child.

Tell her what to mention and what not in her social media account
Be clear about what your babysitter can post or not on her social media account. Be upfront about the social media policies as it involves your child’s safety. Ask her not to post and tweet about any topic that involves your family or child. You should also ask her to turn off location option so that strangers are not able to locate your house.

Explain the babysitter your photo sharing policies
Children are adorable! Babysitters love to share their pictures with their friends or family members. So, advise your sitter not to post any photos of your child/children. Tell her clearly if she posts photos of your child, she should not tag anybody from your family.

Advise her to respect your family’s privacy
Your babysitter should not reveal the exact location of your house, full name of your child or any details about your house. You can advise her not to mention “Check-In” on her social site if she is at your home attending your child. It is advisable to stay connected with babysitter via text messages so that you can sit assured back at your office. If your babysitter doesn’t want you to follow her on social media, respect that as well!

Give a gentle reminder of her responsibilities
It’s necessary for babysitters to communicate about their whereabouts with friends and family, and Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms to share anything. When you have hired a babysitter, it’s your responsibility to give a gentle reminder about the time she should spend on her phone. You should advise her to give special attention to your child needs rather to the phone and limit its use to your child’s sleep time. Too much texting and messaging by the babysitter should be avoided as your child look forward to enjoy with her.

Once you and the babysitter agree on these social media guidelines, add these rules in the babysitting contract. Some babysitting services in Las Vegas consider above mentioned guidelines when sending a babysitter to your house so that you get best care for your children. Sitters never do anything intentionally to cause any harm to your family. However, it’s much easier to have conversation with the babysitter regarding these social media guidelines before they are unknowingly broken.

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