Social Media is Maturing: Nor Cal Public Agency paying $116 Annually for #CMGR

I don’t normally talk about what people make but I found this to be revolutionary.

The Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, CA just posted a opening for an Administrator of Social Media & Electronic Comm with the following payscale. Click here for more information.

SALARY: $46.01 – $55.93 Hourly
$3,680.46 – $4,474.25 Biweekly
$7,974.33 – $9,694.21 Monthly
$95,691.96 – $116,330.50 Annually

Most of the time I have seen community managers earning such as this Mashable Infographic where manager were listed with over $100k salaries and figured it was a trend based on geography.

Cities with really high costs of living like NYC merit the increases and the majority of social media managers get paid closer to $60k as per this pay scale link

I for one think that Social Media has matured and now public sector agencies are getting into paying equivalent salaries for social media talent… which there was plenty of to go around, now the validity of what they do for a living has a seat at the table and the need for quality and professionally managing and creating this information is evident.

Kudos to whoever gets that job!

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