Social Media Moment #8 @USDA: Sharing our Harvest Festival, Virtually

Coming in at number 8, Sharing our Harvest Festival, Virtually (click through for great photos!)

We’re fortunate to have a functional garden right at our doorstep in Washington, DC. The People’s Garden is always buzzing with plantings, harvest and learning opportunities for employees and visitors alike. Every fall, The People’s Garden team puts together a Harvest Festival celebrating the end of the growing season with food, recipes, games and entertainment. Although there are People’s Gardens sprouting up worldwide, we know most of our blog readers and Twitter followers wouldn’t be able to attend.

Thanks to the power of social media, we were able to share the sights, tastes and fun of the 2011 Harvest Festival with our followers by snapping photos of Squash Bowling, festive #MyPumpkin carvings and more. Our sharing encouraged our worldwide community to share their own harvest images and fall festivities that was fun way of eliminating distance between the heartland of America and our Washington, DC offices.

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