Specialized New Manager On-Boarding Delivers Success For The Manager And Organization

Well planned and implemented on-boarding specialized for new managers results in fewer mistakes and disruptions to workflow and reduces the time it takes to be fully productive.

For newly hired managers any formal on-boarding process usually involves a one-size-fits-all organization-wide process and then the person to whom they report will develop an orientation to the specific position and department. However, many times the position specific on-boarding is ad-hoc and may, or may not, include introductions (in-person and/or by email) to employees; review of a variety of reports and documents; and explanations and descriptions of work processes, vendors and, customers. And then the manager is expected to get-to-work and become productive as quickly as possible.

Given the importance of managers to organization success their on-boarding should be comprehensive and extend for at least 90 days, or ideally for 6 months. The on-boarding specific to their position as a manager should cover the following important areas.

Below are categories and items to include in new manager on-boarding. For details go to http://www.advancingyourorganization.com/?p=2255.

Prior To The New Manager’s First Day

  • Create an on-boarding agenda
  • Meet with your current managers in advance
  • Introductory e-mail to current employees

On-Boarding Content And Activities

  • Why we hired you
  • Organization overview
  • Department overview
  • Review strategic objectives and core competencies
  • Department employee characteristics
  • Customers – internal or external .
  • Relationships with other departments
  • Department strengths and weaknesses; and opportunities for improvement
  • Manager responsibilities
  • Manager decision making authority
  • Your decision making style
  • Work culture and values
  • Introductions
  • Initial meetings with fellow managers
  • Manager goals and performance objectives
  • Status meetings

For the detailed information for each of these items, and other information and tools to improve your organization’s performance, go to http://www.advancingyourorganization.com/?p=2255

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