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Stop the Meter – A Campaign against internet metering @ http://openmedia.ca/

Dear Internet Supporters,

Last week the CRTC made a decision that, while disappointing, was nevertheless a small a step in the right direction. It rolled back 15% of the usage fee profits big telecom wanted to extract from indie ISPs. This is a big deal, and it shows that we’re turning the tides on this issue.

But the decision does leave Internet metering in place. The unnecessary fees charged to Canadians for Internet “overuse” will stifle innovation, ground-up entrepreneurialism, and social progress. Many have responded to the CRTC’s weak-kneed decision by helping the Stop The Meter petition reach unprecedented numbers – 160,000+ signatures!

To stop new punitive fees from being imposed on us we need to get the Government to overturn the CRTC’s decision. Now that the NDP has come out against metering, the next step is the get the Liberals to adopt our position. Lets send them a message by reaching an historic 200,000 signatures:

We think the Liberals are on the verge of coming out with a position on Internet metering and there can be little doubt that they’re facing a barrage telecom lobbyists at the moment. In response, we’ve made it so each petition signature triggers an email message to Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Digital Critic Pablo Rodriguez. The best way to stop the meter is to get as many petition signatures as possible today.

We’ve definitely turned some heads in Ottawa already. Imagine what could happen if all 160,000 of us reach out as far as we can today. You can find other resources to spread the word here:

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