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Stop the Meter – A Campaign against internet metering @

Dear Internet Supporters, Last week the CRTC made a decision that, while disappointing, was nevertheless a small a step in the right direction. It rolled back 15% of the usage fee profits big telecom wanted to extract from indie ISPs. This is a big deal, and it shows that we’re turning the tides on thisRead… Read more »

Send your software requests to the Apps 4 Climate Action contest

Have you heard of B.C.’s Apps 4 Climate Action Contest? The contest challenges Canadian software developers to raise awareness and inspire action to reduce carbon pollution by using data in applications for the web and on mobile devices. But what if you aren’t a software developer? You can still help the cause by sharing yourRead… Read more »

Rallying the Troops… Where’s the General? Where is Maximus?

For the longest time, one quote from the movie “Gladiator” keeps coming back to me again and again. But until recently I haven’t figured how it applies in todays environment. The quote is this, “Today I saw a slave become more powerfulthan the emperor of Rome. The gods have spared me? I am at theirRead… Read more »