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How to Address Cross-Border Internet Conflicts

The Internet has facilitated advancements in the way we communicate, conduct business, and create marketplaces for innovation. For decades, sovereign nations have worked collaboratively, and data has flowed across nations borders. But in recent years, this model has been in jeopardy. The Internet is quickly risking becoming a “balkanized” platform – or one where nationsRead… Read more »

Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Nine Days Before Health Authorities

There’s a great article over at TechRepublic by Lyndsey Gilpin on how the computer algorithm behind HealthMap detected the recent Ebola outbreak nine days before it was identified by health authorities. In How an algorithm detected the Ebola outbreak a week early, and what it could do next, Gilpin describes how by tracking, collating andRead… Read more »

Mirror, Mirror: Can Modern Societies Survive Seeing Their Own Reflections?

One of the most major challenges for governments and societies around the world today is the rapidly declining trust in politicians, institutions and governance systems. I’m willing to make the claim that politicians today are no more corrupt, self-serving or beholden to special interests than politicians were fifty, a hundred or even a thousand yearsRead… Read more »

The Process of Absolutely Everything: Powering the Internet of Things

Let’s go through your typical workday. You wake up early, probably to your alarm clock or coffee maker. Maybe you catch up on news by scanning sites and blogs online or on your smartphone during your commute. If you drive, you might use certain apps like Waze to navigate through traffic. When at work youRead… Read more »