Submit Your NYC BigApps Idea Today (Closes Tomorrow)

I was just looking over all of the ideas for the NYC BigApps Ideas contest, and noticed the last day to submit your idea is tomorrow, July 27th.

If you’re reading this, you should go now to the site and submit an idea for an app. You can do it right from the top of the home page, and I suspect it takes about 30 seconds.

My favorite idea from page 1 of results: “I want an NYC app that turns my subway commute into a snowboarding challenge where people are encouraged to stand while maintaining balance within the subway car.”

I’ll try to take a longer look at the ideas and post about them later on. At first glance I see some interesting patterns shaping up as far as what people want out of their city via their smartphone. Would be interesting to do a deeper dive on those.

Great contest though.

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Martha Garvey

It’s a great contest. I am a big fan of Roadify, one of last year’s winners. I think it also puts pressure to free up more city data. I was at a preliminary meeting with developers interested in the contest, and that is a real issue.